Listed Building Insurance

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If you own (or are about to own!) a listed building, then you are probably aware that they can be very costly to repair. Should your listed building be damaged you may have a legal obligation to return it to its original state using traditional materials and skills. There would also be consultation fees with the relevant authorities that add to the cost of any restoration you are required to carry out.

At Towergate Insurance Brokers we believe a special home deserves a special kind of insurance. Building insurance for listed properties is not as straightforward as standard cover because each property is totally individual, so our highly experienced team will tailor-make the perfect insurance for your unique home.

Ensuring peace of mind for our customers is at the heart of what we do. We understand that you do not want any nasty surprises should you ever need to claim and we also don't want to charge you for cover that you don't need. We will always make sure your home is properly covered whilst still providing good value for money.

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Exclusions and limitations apply. Our expert advisers will aim to get the most appropriate cover for your individual needs. We'll talk you through exactly what's covered and what's not, including any limits that apply when you call for a quote.

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We can also cover log cabins, kit homes, Wimpey no-fines houses and homes with flat roofs