ALPS Landlord Legal Expenses & Rental Arrears Guarantee Insurance

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Section of Cover Cover Provided Specific Section Exclusions

(Please note that this only shows the significant exclusions and reference should be made to the policy wording for a definitive list)

Breach of Tenancy Agreement Pursuit following a breach by the tenant of any of their obligations under the tenancy Agreement.
Pursuit of Rent Arrears The pursuit of Rent Arrears which commenced during the period of insurance Profession Fees incurred in connection with interest on Rent or service charges payable by the tenant.

Any Rent payable after You have recovered full and vacant possession.

Eviction The eviction of anyone in the property without your permission.
Legal Defence The defence of civil or criminal proceedings in respect of any act or omission by you arising from your ownership or management of the property.
Rent Arrears Guarantee Rent Arrears owed by the Tenant.

Cover is subject to:

1. A full month’s Rent being in arrears after deduction of the Excess.

2. The Rent Arrears Guarantee only being payable until vacant possession has been gained.

3. The claim being made during the Period of Insurance.

4. Rent Arrears Guarantee being paid at the rate of 1/30th for each continuous day in arrears.

Where the Insured should have realised when purchasing this insurance that a claim under this insurance might occur.

The Insured Person and their agent must act promptly to gain vacant possession of the Insured Property and recover Rent Arrears.

Legal Helpline Free access to legal advice & assistance The helpline can provide general advice only and cannot assist with complex legal matters which may require the review of documentation and is not intended to replace the services of a solicitor.

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NOTE: Cover is only available when purchased to run alongside a Let Property Insurance policy with Four Counties Insurance Brokers

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