New anti-drink drive ad launched

Published Date: 24/12/2013 12:40:13

Robert Goodwill, the roads minister, has given word of a new THINK! film, which shows what can happen if people drink too much alcohol and then drive the next day.

The film highlights how people can still find themselves over the limit the morning following an evening involving drinking.

The idea is that the way the video has been put together will make it thought provoking and also funny. The final, serious, message of the piece is: " To your body, the morning after is still the night before."

"Even if you look and feel sober the morning after drinking, your body may still be way over the limit. If caught, you’ll get a minimum 12 month driving ban, a criminal record, and you could even end up in jail," warned Mr Goodwill.

He said that if people were going to have a drink they shouldn't even think about driving, and should consider carefully whether they are actually safe to get behind the wheel the next morning.

Motor personal insurance holders and anyone else that uses the roads will no doubt welcome any efforts to prevent drink driving - as these could have a positive impact on how safe roads are.