Pre-Christmas storm to cause floods and blackouts

Published Date: 24/12/2013 11:36:45

The Met Office has issued an amber warning of a severe pre-Christmas storm, with flood alerts in place up and down the UK. 

The stormy weather began in the south-west this morning and is now moving to the north and east throughout the day, until it affects almost all of the UK. 

According to the experts, the storm will consist of heavy, relentless rain, coupled with winds whipping up to 70-80mph in eastern and central areas, potentially causing damage to homes and businesses. 

Already around 3,000 homes are without power in Cornwall, and 2,000 more in other parts of the south-west, as strong winds brought down power lines, Western Power Distribution reports. In addition, there are 1,100 homes without power in Berkshire. 

The storm is expected to conclude at 9pm on Christmas Eve. 

The Met Office commented: "The public should be prepared for the likelihood of some significant disruption due to the combined hazards of heavy rainfall and high winds."

"The rainfall should clear southeast England on Tuesday morning, with the winds moderating from the west."