43% of drivers 'drove with uncleared windscreens last winter'

Published Date: 20/12/2013 17:48:31

Motor personal insurance holders might not always be getting the level of visibility they should when driving in the winter, it seems.

Some 43 per cent of drivers have said that they took to the road when the windscreen was at least somewhat iced or misted during the last winter, Direct Line stats show.

Some 14 per cent among this proportion had driven using a side window to look through, rather than the windscreen as a result of the fact that the entire windscreen was iced or misted over - something it goes without saying drivers should not attempt.

Meanwhile, 16 per cent of drivers had used hot or boiling water rather than de-icer - even though this could result in windscreen damage.

Some 42 per cent of drivers made the mistake of leaving their car without anyone to attend it while the engine was going, in an effort to get it warm or rid the windscreen of mist over winter, the stats also show.