ABI gives ski advice

Published Date: 20/12/2013 17:33:56

The Association of British Insurers' (ABI) Aidan Kerr has warned people that, prior to hitting slopes during the skiing season, they should get essential insurance cover.

"The cost of medical treatment for ski injuries could leave most people with horrendous medical bills, so it's vital to ensure you have adequate winter sports cover," she said.

ABI reports that Foreign and Commonwealth Office stats show that 38 per cent of people going on winter sports holidays do not always get travel insurance for these. Meanwhile, 31 per cent do not always look at the policy they have to make sure it covers them for winter sports activities.

It's given people heading overseas this winter various pieces of advice, such as to make sure they have got travel insurance that covers potential emergency medical treatment costs. The policy should include any activities they might be doing while holidaying, it added.

Customers going to Europe ought to have a European Health Insurance Card that's valid - although this isn't a replacement for getting travel insurance, it warns.

Also, it told people to keep in mind that certain actions could potentially leave their insurance invalid.

ABTA figures suggest that, this year, 15 per cent of people who are set to take a winter break plan on going for a winter sports holiday.