French cafe menu lists extra charge for not saying please

Published Date: 18/12/2013 17:01:10

Nice, France is home to a cafe where the menu lists coffee prices based on the politeness of customers' orders.

"It started as a joke because at lunchtime people would come in very stressed and were sometimes rude to us when they ordered a coffee," Fabrice Pepino, cafe manager, told The Local.

The news provider has published an image of a menu board from The Petite Syrah cafe, based in Riviera, provided by the manager.
Under the heading 'Prix du cafe en terrasse' items listed in French include "A coffee" - with a high price tag of seven euros. "A Coffee, please," on the other hand, has a reduced rate of €4.25.
The lowest price point of €1.40 comes with an order of "Good day, a coffee please".

Mr Pepino also said that he hasn't ever needed to enforce the quirky pricing system - but thinks it has changed the way customers order.

Most are regulars who think the menu is funny and are polite in an exaggerated way, he explained.

He also said that customers were more relaxed in the wake of the menu, and smiling more.

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