Some motorists still drink driving, stats show

Published Date: 17/12/2013 17:24:09

Some 68 per cent of drivers have never had a single drink before driving - or got behind the wheel the next morning after drinking - during the last year.

That compares to two per cent who say they have definitely driven while over the drink drive limit, and eight per cent who think they might have done this during the past year, Brake and Direct Line poll results show.

Some 22 per cent know they haven't been over the limit but have drunk a little before driving, or driven the following morning when they have drunk a lot.

Meanwhile, 81 per cent said that, during the past year, they hadn't driven after getting up the morning following a night of heavy drinking.

And 89 per cent said they definitely hadn't been driven by someone who might have been over the limit during that time - only one per cent said they definitely had been.

However, just 36 per cent said they would never be driven by a designated driver who'd had any drinks at all.

Brake wants the legal limit for drink driving brought down to 20mg of alcohol per 100ml blood.

Chief executive Julie Townsend explained that death and injury are caused by drink driving, and that research had shown a reduced limit to be a lot safer.

"Most people are on board with zero tolerance on drink driving, and the government must respond. Reducing the limit to 20mg would send a clear message that any amount of alcohol before driving is a dangerous risk that's never worth it," she added.

Ms Townsend said the charity wanted everyone to take care of themselves, relatives and friends over Christmas, putting forward-planning in place for a safe trip home and speaking against drinking and driving.

"If you drive, pledge to never drink any alcohol before getting behind the wheel, and if you have a designated driver, make sure they stay completely off the booze," she said.