Peter Rodger warns against drink driving

Published Date: 18/12/2013 17:34:06

There are a variety of driving trips that the festive season can potentially bring for motor insurance holders. Getting home for the the big day itself is one, getting to various social occasions another.

People who are going to have a drink or two this Christmas season should ensure they've put plans in place for the journey home first, so they don't get behind the wheel after drinking.

Peter Rodger, from the Institute of Advanced Motorists, gave this reminder to motorists at a time of year that, as he put it, "brings with it brandy pudding, mulled wine and Christmas parties."

"Driving is not a good mixer – it doesn’t go well with spirits, beer or wine. Either drink or drive – you cannot do both. Be rigid – people will respect you for not mixing the two things," he said.  

Motor personal insurance holders will doubtless welcome the publication of such advice, as it could well help make the roads a better place for all.

Among Peter's advice was for people not to attempt to work out whether they've drunk an amount that would put them over the legal limit, because this is very hard to get right.

He also reminded people that if they drink in the evening, this could affect them the next day, saying they should put alternate plans for travel in place for the following day.