Most employees 'commuting in cars or vans'

Published Date: 16/12/2013 17:26:37

Some 63 per cent of people from England and Wales who are employed go to work by driving - or getting a lift in - cars or vans, the RAC Foundation reports.

The Foundation has found that record numbers rely on such vehicles to get to their place of work - even in urban locations.

In all, 16.7 million workers in the two countries in question get to work by driving or having someone else drive them.

The stats are part of The Car and the Commute, an RAC Foundation report that makes use of Census and National Travel Survey stats.

In Wales, 74 per cent use vans or cars when getting to work, compared to 72 per cent in the East Midlands and 71 per cent in the West Midlands - meaning these regions make up the top three, in terms of reliance on these vehicles to get to work.

Some 30 per cent of workers in London get to work by car or van, while in urban areas outside the capital 67 per cent drive or get a lift in these, and in rural areas the figure is 73 per cent.