Drink-drive survey stats revealed

Published Date: 13/12/2013 17:25:29

Some 18 per cent of drivers from the UK have got into a car driven by someone over the drink-drive limit over Christmas, research has shown.

Among this proportion, 11 per cent were driven by one of their friends, seven per cent by a relative and four per cent a work colleague, the Post Office Safety on Wheels Report shows.

It was also discovered that 68 per cent of drivers from the UK couldn't say what the drink drive limit was - 77 per cent of female drivers and 60 per cent of male drivers were in this position.

The stats came from a survey of 2,005 people, 1,364 of whom were car owners.

Some 18 per cent of drivers admitted to having driven after drinking two units of alcohol or more during the central three-day Christmas period.

Meanwhile, seven per cent admitted that after they themselves had gone over the limit, they had been driven by a driver who wasn't named on their motor insurance policy - not something anyone should allow.

Close to half of motorists felt drivers that are caught over the limit ought to get a significant fine. Some 46 per cent think such drivers' licences should be automatically revoked. And 13 per cent feel this crime ought to be automatically punished by a stint in prison.

Car personal insurance holders and other drivers ought not to drive after drinking any amount of alcohol - this can also mean not driving the following day, in some cases.