iKube Young Driver Insurance
the opportunity to save more

Girl doing her driving testLife as a young driver can be full of excitement but the early stages of life behind the wheel can also be fraught with danger. Accident and mortality stats recorded by insurers underline the vulnerability of young drivers on the roads, particularly after dark, and in turn explain why insurance premiums for them are so heavily loaded at the outset.

Not everyone has to carry this cost burden. With iKube Insurance you have the choice.

  • Choose to avoid driving between 11pm and 5am for an initial period of 3 months and you could save yourself up to 25% on your iKube insurance premium.
  • That’s on top of the initial discount you’ll attract by choosing a telematics based insurance product like iKube and a discount for Pass Plus if completed within one month of incepting your policy
  • iKube take into account genuine emergencies, any work patterns likely to encroach into this time period and take an understanding view on any minor infringements.
  • Persistent defaults could however result in you being charged additional premium on a per night basis.

The inability to drive freely at night, even for a short period whilst building confidence, doesn’t suit everyone’s lifestyle but the alternative is to get an unrestricted quote and risk becoming a statistic. It’s your call, but it’s a small sacrifice that could save you more than just money in the long run.

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